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Here I go...

Well, you gotta start somewhere... I will start with a little introduction of myself.

My name is Igal (pronounced Yig-al), I was born in 1978 in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia, in 1991 my family moved to Israel, where I'm living since, and I'm a photography enthusiast. In no way I'm a professional photographer, I have not sold any of my photos yet and did not make a penny from it. I work full time as a front-end developer in an awesome company, so photography is a hobby of mine, one of many though, but a big one.

In the late 90s I got interested in web-development, and even though I also had a few other trades during the years, I kept developing my web development skills and it has been my profession for many years now.

Though I always had passion for photography, but it's only a few years ago I really got the bug. So I began reading a lot of photography materials, picked up some gear, took a class in photography school and began capturing moments. Like in web development, I constantly keep developing my skills. I read articles, blogs, watch videos, but, most importantly, I keep shooting. Practice makes perfect, eh?

So now I decided to get my own site, where I could display the photos I take. I will also write a blog about photography, traveling and some other stuff. You will learn that I really love Italy, so I'm going to write a lot about it as well.

I'll be glad to get some feedback, so... talk to me, drop me a few lines! :)

See you soon!

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